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A Reputable designer dedicated to delivering creative, functional and quality services.

Cleveland County's Professional Interior Designer

I am a national certified interior designer who has over 30 years of professional experience. I have worked with property management/real estate investment companies and insurance companies as well as architects, engineers and builders. I have worked with individual clients designing their personal homes as well as remodeling their existing home. I provide all service from interior design, exterior design, millwork design, furniture design, interior drawings, and specifying furniture & finishes.
When working with an individual client, I spend many hours listening to their needs, learning about their lifestyle, what they like in a home and the budget. Once that has been established, I can start on the design or remodel of their home.
As you can see from my graphic of the U.S., I have worked in many cities across the nation, ranging from the east coast to the west coast. I would like to have the opportunity to work with you as an individual or with your company on projects that are currently in the planning stages or any upcoming projects that you may have.


Janet Biddick took a presentation of the Interior Design Profession at large to a higher level than ever expected. She organized a lunch to meet prior to the presentation to ensure we were all on the same page, demonstrated breath by inviting another colleague instrumental to the work, and then, presented thoroughly and with composure fitting a queen. We were immeasurably appreciative, impressed.